Dear Reader:

Stare long enough and you will begin to see what all others have missed. Listen and you will hear the whisper of the inner voice which has always spoken but was never recognized; perhaps you thought it was the wind which constantly cleanses the air. Smell the faint odors that are carried for miles in the atmosphere; discern the live from the dead. Touch your beating heart while concentrating on seeing, smelling, and listening; does it’s rhythm respond?

He stared into the blue and yellow flames. He began to see the hot orange embers and the super heated white puffs of gases that became smoke generated by the meager campfire. He listened to a quiet screaming produced by a small green sap filled willow limb. He smelled the gas emitted from between the bark and the log; first a whiff then he felt his trembling heart react and then his brain began to hallucinate.

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